Not long now.

We’re so close to getting on the road now – just two more weeks till there’s no more work for us for the rest of the year. THE REST OF THE YEAR. We’ll be jumping into the most spectacular of all VW campervans, the one and only Bumblebee and heading across Europe until mid-December when we get on a plane back to the Antipodes. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited. We’ll hopefully have the time, inclination and internet connection to keep updating this blog for the entire trip. But we’ll see.

If you have some tips on where to go and what to do, let us know – we’re kinda flying by the seat of our pants here in terms of organised route planning, so we ‘re open to suggestions.

the view from our current Amsterdam home (in winter)

Our view for the next four months

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1 Response to Not long now.

  1. Alex Vivas says:

    Your stories enjoy I do. Self-timed photo best bit I think. Bzzzz.

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