Sleep tight.

Last night Colin and I both had our work leaving dinners. It seems everyone’s a little worried about us spending four months sleeping in a van. So Colin’s colleagues (that could be a great name for a sitcom, with a theme song along the lines of Charles in Charge) got together and got us an amazing huge double hammock so we can sleep under the stars when the mood takes us. I imagine those nights to be a little like the image below. Except I’ll be wearing an LED headlamp instead of one of those nice vintage lamps (thanks Nikki & Aidan). My work pitched on a couple of nights luxury accommodation in Rome, which we’ll definitely be salivating over after already having a few months on the road. We’ve received loads of gifts that we totally weren’t expecting, which is so sweet of everyone. One of the most practical? Whiz Freedom. Google it.

the great outdoors

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4 Responses to Sleep tight.

  1. Colleen says:

    A She-Pee? Excellent! That will definitely come in handy 😉

    We also requested that Colin take pictures of the 2 of you in your I amsterdam gear in every weird and wacky place imaginable –and subsequently post on FB!! Did he not mention that was the deal in accepting the Hammock????

  2. amansterdam says:

    Yeah. Take a photo of the first time you use the Whiz Freedom in your iamsterdam gear and DEFINITELY post to Facebook.

  3. Anna The Bomb says:


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