The first of the last.

Upon arriving in Amsterdam, one of the first nights out we had was to see Jon Spencer Blues Explosion play at the Melkweg. It was the beginning of two amazing years living here and seeing so much great live music I can’t even begin to list the various bands we’ve seen. So it is with a heavy musical heart that we waved goodbye to the starry skies of the Melkweg after seeing Broken Bells play a truly beautiful set last night. Colin‘s the music reviewer in this relationship so I’m not going to steal his thunder by trying to write about it, but it was a perfectly melancholy gig to leave Amsterdam on. While we’ve probably seen 70% of the shows here at the legendary Paradiso (thanks Grantje for all those freebees) and a smattering at other great venues like Bitterzoet, de Nieuwe Anita, Winston Kingdom and Club 8,  it seemed fitting to bookend our gig-going life here at the same venue. And so begins the first ‘last’ we’ll have out of many over the next week.  And besides the inevitable goodbyes to our wonderful friends, I think it will be the most lamentable.

under the milky way

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3 Responses to The first of the last.

  1. jenny says:

    oohhhh maaan i would love to see the blues explosion!!!!
    hurrah you hit the road so soon, bon voyage you two! hope you get off to a lovely, sunny, fun and relaxing start. we’re still route planning (well, putting it off) but will send you our expected itinerary when we have one and keep you posted on the road. hopefully we will be crossing paths! maybe italy/croatia in a month or two, or turkey. somewhere down there..

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