On the road.

After way too many going-away dinners, parties and dinner parties, and a serious game of van tetris, we finally left a very rainy and miserable Amsterdam to head out on the road. Though sad to say goodbye to our friends, our house, and what had been our city for two years, it felt pretty good to get going. As the pack and clean up had taken us much longer than expected and we didn’t hit the road till early evening, we had a glorious dinner at Burger King (sadly no vege burger so the Fish King was my only option) and headed onward to a campsite that was sadly still in the Netherlands. Arriving after 8pm, the campsite was closed for the eve and thus we embarked on our first night of free camping, in the camping ground parking lot, with full access to their WC facilities. Score! An early start in the morning meant we skipped out without being seen and headed to Hamburg, to a campsite fully equipped with…..a giant IKEA.

Lambie and Maurice have joined us, naturally.

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1 Response to On the road.

  1. Gleebags says:

    Don’t you mean, natuurlijk?

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