Things to love about being in Bulgaria

1.  Finally reaching the beautiful part of the Black Sea Coast. Bright blue sky, deep blue sea and abundant green surroundings means Bulgaria’s section of the Black Sea beats Romania’s hands down2.  Roadside watermelon stall owners who let you try  (huge chunks) before you buy3.  Banitza – long strips of piping hot filo pastry filled with a feta-esque cheese that can be bought on every street corner and are traditionally eaten as breakfast (but we ate them at any chance we got)

4.  Free camping for six days straight, almost always right on the beach, with a better view and proximity to the water than the nearby luxury hotels (in Albena, Nesebur, Dyuni & Sinemorets)5.   Cheap as chips food and drink – full meals at waterfront restaurants for less than 5 euro including the tip

6.  Wild dogs being replaced with wild cats the further we got down the coast7.  Spending a good 3-4 minutes miming back and forth with a friendly banitza proprietor about one of Australia’s most famous exports, known to him as “Katie Mingetta”. Damn that Cyrillic alphabet

8.  Watching the locals surf the lighthouse point break from the Akhtopol pier, the only surf spotted on the Black Sea9.  Possibly the best gin and tonic ever at a café on the Sozopol harbour (which washed down the 5 euro meal)

1o. Seafood meals that taste like Christmas11. Waking up every morning to glorious sunrise swims in water 5 degrees warmer than the morning air

12. Salty sea dogs in their blue and white striped shirts, boat shoes and captain’s hats without a shade of irony13. Harbours lined with small fishing boats painted in blue, white and maroon stripes14. Bulgarian Independence Day celebrated at the ancient walled peninsula of Nesebur

15. Suprisingly delicious local red wine

16. Eating Bumblee-cooked fatoush by moonlight on Albena beach17. Cuba Libre sundowners, every night, without fail

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3 Responses to Things to love about being in Bulgaria

  1. K Sen says:

    Bulgaria looks incredible!!

    Col, I just remembered that you asked for Istanbul tips on the FB.. and I never replied. Have you guys already been?

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