You say Turin, I say Torino

We didn’t know much about Turin, except that our wonderful friends Amanda and Grant would be there to visit a friend in mid-October and we had to be there too, or else. So we made the 500km detour across the top of Italy from Venice to make it in time for their arrival. On the way we did some research. Turin or Torino, as it’s known to the Italians, is the home of Fiat, Nutella, the Juventus football team, the Shroud of Turin and is basically a food mecca. We started to get excited. We arrived in the after-work rush hour into some crazy traffic, and finally managed to park the Bee nearby to Alessandro’s house, our destination.Turino ice creamWe hadn’t met Alessandro before, but he proved himself the most perfectly gracious host. He currently lives in Berlin but owns a small apartment in this, his home town and spends a few months here each year. Life to die for, right? Ale is an old friend of Grant’s from when they lived in London together and we basically just tagged along to everything they did.Enos in TurinoThe first stop on ‘Ale’s Tour of Turin’ was Eno’s. Now, I am going to write a whole post just about the food we ate/loved in Italy so I won’t go into details here, but this place is awesome. The owners are old friends of Ale’s so we were very well looked after, but I imagine this is the norm. I can’t say enough about this bar/cafe/restaurant – great food, awesome cocktails and super friendly service.Salut! After a suitable amount of gin and tonics at Eno’s, we were off to the La Drogheria (the drug store), which is actually a bar/restaurant in the Piazza Vittorio Veneto. Since we are running on Italian time, by the time we arrive here it’s about 3.30am, and it’s closing at 4am so we only fit in one drink before we head home, ready to collapse. And we only finished dinner what feels like an hour ago. Time flies in Torino.The next ‘morning’ after a quick coffee we are off to eat again. This time, pizza and gelato. Again, I’ll try to spare details on the food as it will soon to be on the other post. Needless to say, it’s delicious.We also stroll around an amazing food market and drool over heavenly cheeses and chocolates, but since we just ate it’s a no go zone.Amanda and Grant in TurinoWe wander around the shops for a while and when it starts raining we decide to take refuge at the (semi)-iconic Mole Antonelliana, which houses the Museo Nazionale del Cinema. We haven’t been to a lot of museums but this is a cinema one after all and actually it turns out to be totally awesome.Besides some fun camera obscura style stuff, there’s a huge collection of old film posters (this month’s collection explored the horror genre!) and a super cool lie down cinema area where they play clips of classic films for your viewing and some cases sleeping pleasure.Museo Nazionale del Cinema TurinoAfter a rest at Ale’s place, we’re off to have dinner at Eataly. Eataly is a food lovers’ heaven and a slow food emporium that Amanda had done her research on and wanted to check out.While the majority of the store is an artisan supermarket filled with products local to Italy, each section has also has a mini restaurant in it – one for pizza, one for meats, one for pasta and the list goes on.We arrive a little too late so don’t really have time to shop, just to eat. And eat we do. Since it was so good the night prior, we end the night at Eno’s and La Drogheria and again return home at 4am.Another late rise after another late night and we head back to Eataly to shop. I try to contain myself but still end up with a ton of amazing food and booze for the Bee and also a very good knife that we plan to take home with us. Amanda is even less controlled, filling a large basket and ends up having trouble fitting it all on their carry on luggage – so they pay extra for cabin baggage. It’s worth it. The food at Eataly is all premium quality and difficult to get anywhere else, even within Italy itself. You can also buy empty flagons  to fill from casks of vino to make your own clean-skins. If you are at all interested in eating good food and find yourself in Turin, go here – and bring an extra suitcase.Our next stop is a Juventus football game. I’m not a football fan by any means, but this is a cool experience. We saw a couple of Ajax games while in Amsterdam and they were pretty epic too, but I have to say nothing beats an Italian crowd. Football is as much a religion as Catholicism here and it shows. ‘Juve’ are playing Lecce, a team from the business end of Italy’s boot and unsurprisingly their fan section is near empty.Those that had the balls to attend endure endless insults (Ale provides a running cheer translation into English for us) throughout the first half, but as the second 45 starts they unveil a gem of a trick on the Juve fans. In the seating nearest the Lecce fans, a group of approximately twenty onlookers strip off their Juve two-tones to reveal Lecce kits. They smugly wrap their yellow and red scarves around their necks as the crowd goes apeshit.I’m seriously surprised they didn’t get killed, but they seem to make it through to the final whistle unscathed. Well played, Lecce, but not well enough. Juve win the game and we leave along with the remainder of the victorious crowd, singing Solo uno Capitano (‘there’s only one captain’ honouring Del Piero) to the tune of ‘Guantanamera’.On the way home from the game we pick up some snacks and head back to Ale’s to watch a DVD and chill…which means, we turned on a DVD and all promptly fell asleep.The next day rolled on and it was time for Amanda and Grant to head home, us to start driving further south and Ale to head back to Berlin. We’re pumped for the next leg of the journey but sad to say goodbye to friends, new and old.

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4 Responses to You say Turin, I say Torino

  1. Grant says:

    Well played guys. Was it not an epic three days? So great. We should do it again soon. I didn’t realise my hair was such a mess the entire time. Is it always like that? I feel like it is. But how good was that food? All of it. Every sip, lick, bite and swallow. I am very impressed you managed to track down the names of all the places we went to.. did you take business cards, or note everything along the way? Miss you guys!X

  2. amanda says:

    It was worth the wait for this post! Thanks Colin. Love you guys.

  3. Moonmoon Sahu says:


  4. Timo says:

    Hello Liz, Hello Colin,

    whats up? You can´t stop in the middle of the story! Whats up next? .. Can´t wait to read more of your exciting story.. Fantastic writing, honestly! Hope you´ll finish that sometime 🙂
    best regards from Germany, Timo

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