Buy the Bee

It’s with a heavy heart that we’re selling Bumblebee as we move on to warmer pastures in Australia. Don’t let the above starbursts fool you, lightning doesn’t strike twice, this opportunity is not to be missed.

If you’ve been reading Bumblebee Takes Europe with jealous eyes, then jealous no longer, friend. Here’s your chance to own the Bee.

But first, cast your mind back to 1985. Wham! was at the top of the charts with ‘Careless Whisper’, The Smiths asked the stupid question ‘How Soon Is Now’ and Sly Stallone held spots 2 and 3 of the largest grossing films of the year just behind a time-traveling Delorean and Alex P Keaton.Well now’s your chance to step back in to a road-tax-exempt 1985 with an equally iconic vehicle that doesn’t run on Doc’s Mr Fusion system but a system equally green – love – and Benzine95. What are you McFly, chicken?Reliability
The Bee sturdily drove Liz and I around 15,544 kms of Europe, 21 countries for 100 nights. From the North Sea to the Black Sea and back via the Adriatic and Med, he took us to the edges of Asia and Africa too.

Layman’s mechanics
Bumblebee starts every time.
We had no break downs.
He turns like Cindy Crawford just walked by.
His 4 tyres are like a mullet, kinda thinning up front but thick on the back two.
Somewhere between waft of an oily rag and BP oil slick for fuel efficiency.

Sound System & Technology
Play your Wham!/Smiths mixtape in the cassette player or use our tape to MP3 converter to listen to illegal music.
Buy now and we’ll throw in two DVDs worth of audio books, podcasts and radio shows.
But that’s not all, buy now and we’ll throw in a 2007 GPS device!

Bumblebee is equipped with:
Double bed (linen optional)
Electric/gas fridge
Two-element stove top
Sink & tap with 13 litre water tank
Plenty of pantry space
Pots and pans and cutlery and glasses
Tarpauline annex with tent poles  
Sun umbrella
Two deck chairs (well sat in)
Outdoor table
Maps, Lonely Planet books
VW Transporter repair book
Camping accessories

So what’s the damage? Well it’s on consignment through Turner Campers who will give it a tune up and clean and promise a one month warranty for you to find any niggling problems. We expect it to be about 4500 euros or so (they make the price)

Turner Campers will carry your rego and ownership papers (great for Non-europeans).

They have 40 years experience in the business and have been very helpful to both us and to friends who have also bought from them.

Message me below in the comments section, enquire via facebook or email me on colinrdelaney at

Please forward this on to any friends you might think are interested.


2 Responses to Buy the Bee

  1. agoston says:

    Photos, or it’s fake! 🙂

  2. amanda says:

    Does it come with the babe too?

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