Meals on wheels

It might seem slightly daunting to have to cook our meals for the next 4 months on a simple two-burner gas cooker inside our van, but in fact we’ve been doing just that for the last 2 years living here in Amsterdam. Holland is not known as one of the great European food cities, and for good reason. The national staples –  croquetten, stampot, hutspot, bitterballen, even pannekoek – are what we lovingly refer to as ‘beige food’. This doesn’t bode well for the quality of Dutch home chefs. Since we moved here, we’ve lived in two ‘fully furnished’ houses and neither have an oven. Unapologetically too, as if it’s not even nearly a necessity. This was a bit of a shock to begin with (no baking on Sundays, no roast dinner in winter, the list goes on) but we’ve really gotten used to it. And that doesn’t mean we’ve given up on eating delicious food. And we really don’t want to on the road either, so I’m going to try to keep cooking healthy, tasty and interesting food while we travel, and if you’re interested in doing a trip like ours and not eating spag bol every day, I will post some tried and tested recipes too.

Or maybe I just buy this cookbook?

if only we had THAT kind of camper.


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