Learning the ropes

I thought cooking in the van would be cinch, since we have been living with a similar set-up (no oven, just a stove top) for the last few years in Amsterdam. It turns out that the stove top is not the main issue however, it’s really a lack of space in the van for chopping, laying out ingredients, finding bowls/pots/herbs and spices that are shoved way back in some tiny hidey hole cupboard area. On the nights with no rain it’s easier as we can set up the table outside for the prep, but up until the last few days those have been few and far between. Nevertheless it is fun and we’ve worked on some ways to store things a bit easier now that we’ve been on the road for a few weeks. Since we’re eating out of plastic bowls with plastic forks it doesn’t look too gourmet but these have been a few of the better dishes thus far that little Bumblebee has produced.

The first was made on our last night in Berlin. The main ingredient is some amazing fresh truffle tortellini that we picked up at the Turkish markets in Kreuzberg. It really spoke for itself so all I added was some butter, mushrooms and garlic as a sauce and grated some parmesan over the top to finish. SO GOOD.

The second meal pictured here was made in Slovakia, a Tuscan bean and bread salad that was consumed in the Liptov area in the Tatras mountains. It was kind of a throw together what’s the left in the fridge, doesn’t look like much but it tasted pretty great.

Will post more soon on other delishes.


3 Responses to Learning the ropes

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  2. Amandaontheleft@hotmail.com says:

    not too bad at all, I am envious of all the awesome local ingredients you guys are probably coming across at random!!

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