One of the great joys of van eating is the picnic. We discovered a new favourite snack after picking up a jar of fig jam at a roadside stall in Mali Ston, then a huge slab of mixed sheep & goat cheese and a large jar of acacia honey at another stall along the highway as we drove up to Plitvice. These homemade treats were sampled for the first time in the Plitvice National Park carpark in Croatia and then many times after, most notably in a huge swan rowboat we hired to row around Lake Bled in Slovenia.The tart tang of the cheese with the bitterness of the jam and the almost sickly sweet of the honey were a match made in heaven with Europe’s favourite salty cracker, the Tuc. We’ve been reliving the mix throughout many countries, with different local cheeses and condiments (strawberry and balsamic jam with pecorino in Italy, balsamic vinegar and manchego in Spain), but this was the original, and the best.


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