Listening: QI

Having done much in helping me settle in occupationally to Amsterdam, throwing me writing bones for both publications Amsterdam Weekly, Time Out, Subbacultcha and finally Unfold Amsterdam, Steven McCarren helped us settle into life on the road with some sound advice…

While we did our best to bolster our music selection, Steven suggested we should look beyond music and gave us 8 gigs of podcasts, radio shows and audio books.

Mainly stuff from Aunty Beeb’s hilarious selection of comedy shows from stations Radio 1 through 10, 11 or 13 (whatever they are) Steven gave us Flight of the Conchords’ radio show which launched the US TV show, Dave Gorman stuff, some Douglas Adams work, A guy who’s crap at the environment and probably the most entertaining, Stephen Fry’s QI.

Actually a TV show on the BBC, the audio podcasts work just as well, there’s not a lot of special effects.
The Jist: Knowledgeable and witty comedians are quized about general, but often not so general knowledge. As Stephen says ‘points are deducted for wrong or obvious answers and allocated not so much for the right answer but the most creative.’ You see, it’s QI, IQ back to front… very clever, Fry.

In his ever so pompous Oxbridge accent Fry makes you feel smart just by listening – he sounds intelligent and posh so you must be too, like, ‘Hahaha I’m laughing at Stephen Fry, not Carrot Top, I’m so high brow.’

Comedians like Bill Bailey, Richard E Grant are semi regulars on the panel, Jeremy Clarkson and Emma Thompson have guest featured while weekly panelist Alan Davies plays the fool, all too often opening his mouth too quickly. Shows carry themes like space, colour, wild animals and so forth. It’s funny stuff.

The show, as well as the other podcasts give you something to listen to when the tinniness of our crappy speakers become too much and you get to hear voices that isn’t the boyfriend/girlfriend you’ve been listening to for 5 weeks already.


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